Confused about technology?

you are not alone!

Smart Phones. Smart TVs. Smart Thermostats. Smart Lights. Smart Shades. Smart Toasters. Smart Beds. Smart Refrigerators. Smart Dryers. The list goes on and on. And, they talk to each other - but you don't speak their language. You want sensors that will let you set up cool rules to know things like if your child is home from school, and remind you to take your medication. Thermostats that save you money (and you need to verify they are). Dryers that keep your clothes from wrinkling on their own. Beds that share your sleep habits. Toasters that talk to the weather station and burn the forcast into your morning breakfast. An app for everything, and everything in an app. It's all wireless, so it also needs a solid network.


It can all be so confusing!

technology MADE SIMPLE.

Let me take the mystery out of it all. Your house, and your stuff. The Internet of Things is not boilerplate. It is specific to every individual location. Your home and technology needs are not the same as that guy on Youtube.

Need to make a purchase, but aren't sure what to buy? I can take the mystery out. Need to install something but can't figure it out? Just call me. We'll install it together (or not, if you prefer I take care of it while you get on to other important adventures). Is something not working as expected? Don't wait on the phone to speak to an incompetent offshore representative. Call me. I troubleshoot and repair. I will also liason for you with the equipment manufacturer or place of purchase when needed. I speak their language and know their products.

You can do this!

Have a product or service you like, but don't really understand how to use it? I'll show you how, and make sure you've got it. Smart phone making you feel dumb? I can make you smarter than the phone. Smart cameras? No problem. Let's learn to manage those. Want your dryer to talk to your thermostat so your clothes don't wrinkle? Can do. Want to know if your child gets up at night, or arrived home safely from school? Covered. Want the coffee hot, the lights on, the shades down and the music up when you get home from work? Let's make that happen together. Confused about all those router features, or what kind of home network you even need? I'll take you through it step by step. I'll even create a printed user manual specific to your equipment - tailor made, just for you.

service samples

If it's tech and you have a need, I've got you covered - even if I can't do it. I know how and where to find that - at the best rate and quality.

On-site equipment repair and maintenance

Don't pack it up and send it off. You can't learn anything that way, and every time you send your machine out your privacy is at stake. Our lives are on our machines these days. Keep yours safe! Watch me do it and explain everything along the way.

Website development and management

Domains? Hosting? HTML5? Jquery? Bootstrap? Setting up an email address? WHAT THE HECK? I can set you up online, explain it all, train you to manage it, and create a printed manual just for you. This can save you THOUSANDS of dollars in web development fees.

home automation

Choosing, installing, using and troubleshooting. Let me be your guide.

Selling a house? A minimal investment in home automation can make your property a ROCK STAR! -And you can include a training offer for the purchaser. Honestly, it won't be long before a house will not move unless it's Smart.




are you a company interested in referrals?

Please contact me. I love working with solid local businesses and entrepreneurs. Working together and keeping our money in the community is extremely important. Please also know that I will check you out thoroughly. You will need references and a solid web presence (not just a free email address).

and more...

If it's technology, I'm on it. What do you need?


There are so many devices on the market, and it can be complicated to know which choice is the best for your needs. Let me take the confusion out of those buying decisions. Networking, phones, tablets, computers, home automation, home security, and more!


The technology is at your fingertips. Learn how to use it to it's fullest advantage. Computer software, email, apps, home automation, Smart devices and appliances, and all things tech. Get your money's worth out of those products and services! You're smarter than your devices - you just don't know it yet. :)


Need something installed or fixed? No worries. I'll get right on it.

about me

Hi! I'm Pam, and I'll be your Personal Tech.


Pam Herman

Personal Tech Expert


My dad was with IBM, so I've really been in the technology industry since birth. I have worked in IT for over 25 years. I have worked for everything from technology companies to multi campus medical facilities. I have been a web developer, system engineer, network engineer and trainer. Now I'm yours. :)

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